Top 5 Wifi Hack / SPY Apps for Android

Wifi Hack Android
Wifi apps on android are very popular now a days. People wants to spy over someone’s wifi for fun. Wifi can be hacked easily on android devices. Some apps may require root and some don’t. Its basically depends upon what your needs are. There are bunch of wifi spy apps for android devices but do you know which one you should use and Which app perform what functions ? Then keep reading this article.

Some android apps spy through MAC Adresses which basically spoof someone’s MAC address so that you can change it further. Other apps have ability to stop someone’s wifi so that he won’t be able to connect to wifi. The top 5 wifi Apps list is given below –

Top 5 WIFI Spy Android Apps List –

  1. Wifi Kill – Wifi Kill is a very Strong android app for Wifi Hacking. Its main role is to capture all the IP addresses and MAC Addresses that are in range. You can Kill their wifi through which the victim’s internet speed will be very slow. All the bandwidth will be available for you. It can also disconnect anyone from his Wifi. You can Download Wifi Kill App Here.
    Wifi Kill
  2. DSploit / Zanti 2 – Dsploit is the best Wifi hacking app. With this app, you can spoof anyone. You can be man in middle, hijack user sessions, spoof addresses and Much more. Zanti 2 is alternative of Dsploit. It is same as Dsploit. You need to root your device before using dsploit app on your android smartphone.
  3. Network Spoofer – With Network spoofer, you can actually hijack anyone’s sessions. You can even redirect them to different pages you want. Also, you can make troll of them which basically replace the original page with troll word written on it. So, this is a strong application as well.
    Network spoofer
  4. Wi-Spy Chanalyzer – Wi-Spy Chanalyzer is wonderful app which can detect any activity that is going around you. It also supports bluetooth connections. If anyone using Wifi for data transferring then Wi-SPY is best tool for you.
    Wi spy
  5. Wifi Spy – This app is used to Secure you from hackers. If your neighbors or friends are stealing your session or hijacking into it then you will be able to know about their activities. It is also a useful app to be honest.
    wifi spy

All the apps shared above require Root privileges on your android phones. If your phones are not rooted then its a time waste coming here. If you want to root your phone then you can read article on How to root android phone. If you got more wifi spy apps then must post comments below.

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