Top 5 Screenshots Capturing Tools for Sharing Pictures!

Screenshot capturing tools
You are performing some tasks in your PC and you don’t know how do i capture screenshots in one go. There are huge variety of tools available on the web through which you can easily capture and Share screenshots online. You can also Create Youtube intro FREE. All of them are free of cost and openly available. The list is given below with screenshots as well.

Best Screen Capturing Tools

  1. Snipping Tool –
    The snipping tool is used to take screenshots from the work that you’re performing right now. Its enhance capabilities lets you enhance your experience for sure. Also, it is available for free of cost and you can download it from here.Snipping tool
  2. LightShot –
    Lightshot is a free utility to perform quick screenshots. It is available for Mac, Windows 8.1, 10 etc. Do use this application because it is very easy to use and upload pictures on the web directly. Once you installed it, an Icon will be saved in quick launch. Pressing “Prntscr” will immediately start capturing screenshot for you. You can download Lightshot here.Lightshot
  3. Capture-A-Screenshot –
    A beautiful Application that does its job once you launch it. You need to install it on your operating system to be able to use it. It can take screenshots as full screen, Active screen, Manual capture etc. Download Capture-A-Screenshot from the download link here.Capture A Screenshot
  4. Gyazo –
    It is definitely the best screen capturing tool available. This application supports png, jpg, Gif images on the go. It also uploads your screenshots directly to web by clicking on the upload button. Easy to use utility that you should use. You can download Gyazo here.
  5. Snagit –
    Snagit is a free capturing tool published by Techsmith. This utility allows you to take manual screenshots as well as edit them the way you want to. Great for those who have office work and want to submit screenshots for emailing or other purposes. Download Snagit here.Snagit

All of the softwares shared here are of public and free use. Find the appropriate link to download them as well as their screenshots. Learn how you can Upload files directly to Google drive or Dropbox. Give your suggestions below on more screenshot capturing softwares that we should add in this list here.

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