How to Install iMacros script on Firefox to Record Anything

Imacros script is one of popular web script available on the internet. Whatever you want to record, imacros can do for you without any lag or any hassle. This script works with automation with infinite tries as well. You can simply record whole action and play it as many time you want. Today, you will learn how to setup this script on firefox browser to help automate your work.

Imacros script on firefox

To get started you need follow these steps –

  1. Head over to Google and Search for iMacros firefox.
  2. You will be redirected to Firefox addon plugin website.
  3. Just install the plugin and restart firefox. You can download that plugin here.
  4. That’s it, You have successfully installed iMacros addon on your browser.

The same thing can be done with Chrome browser as well but We would suggest firefox as a recommendation for running any script.

How can you record and make your own iMacros script ? Well, don’t worry at all because we are here to teach you how to do that properly.

Record iMacros Script on Firefox –

    1. Go to Top right corner and Click “Customize” button in bottom of panel.
    2. Now drag iMacros icon to the Firefox menu.
    3. Exit customization and click Imacros icon. You will see Rec Tab, click on that.
    4. Pressing Record button will immediately start capturing whatever you do. So, start doing whatever you want in Firefox browser.
    5. After recording, Just press Stop button.
    6. Click on “Save Macro As” button and it will ask for Naming it. Name it anything you want.
    7. You will see the script in the List which can be played anytime. Click on “Play Loop” and Choose how much loops you want to continue.

Great, now you have understood how to setup imacros correctly. Take a little time in sharing this article on social networks. We will appreciate your suggestions as well, don’t forget to comment below.

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